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Thai-Chinese International Arbitration and Mediation Center

Announcement Regarding Application for Arbitrator



In order to select arbitrators who possess professional knowledge and will be able to carry out the duties in an effectively way in accordance with the nature of the cases administered by Thai-Chinese International Arbitration and Mediation Center ("TCIAC"), TCIAC hereby makes following announcement:

Article 1 The tile of this announcement is " Thai-Chinese International Arbitration and Mediation Center Announcement Regarding Application for Arbitrator 2021"

Article 2 This Announcement comes into effect as of the date of publication.

Article 3 In this Announcement, the following terms mean:

"TCIAC" means Thai-Chinese International Arbitration and Mediation Center;

"Secretary General" means Secretary General of TCIAC;

"President" means President of TCIAC;

"Applicant" means Applicant who wants to apply to become arbitrator of TCIAC;

"Panelist" means panelist of TCIAC's arbitrators;

"Application Form" means Application Form for applying to become TCIAC's arbitrators.

Article 4 Secretary General has responsibility for this Announcement and shall have the authority to render a decision for the problems occurred during the execution of this Announcement.

Section I

Qualification of the Applicant

Article 5 The Applicant shall possess the qualifications and shall have no forbidden characteristics as below:

(1) At the time of application, shall not be younger than 30 years old and not older than 85 years old;

(2) Shall possess a degree no lower than a bachelor's degree or equivalent;

(3) Shall be faithful and honest, possessing characteristics and attitude suitable for caring out the responsibility of arbitrator;

(4) Shall have no misbehaviour or moral defects;

(5) Shall not be in a state of insolvency

(6) Shall not be incompetent, person, quasi-incompetent person or insane person;

(7) Shall never have been imprisoned, except for negligent or petty offense;

(8) Shall not possess any position that will be in conflict of interest of the responsibility of arbitrator.

(9) For professions having a regulatory body, the Applicant's license shall never have been revoked or the Applicant shall never have violated professional ethics.

Article 6 In addition to the qualifications and forbidden characteristics in Article 5, the Applicant shall also meet the following conditions:

(1) Shall have professional knowledge and working experience in the area of legal profession, engineering profession, architecture profession; or having worked in the area of international trade, intellectual property, finance and investment, telecommunication, transportation, natural resources and environment, natural science, accounting, economics, medicine or other industries which will be beneficial for carrying out the duty of arbitrator for no less than 8 years;

(2) Shall pass TCIAC's training program and knowledge test, except for those who have already been enlisted as arbitrator in other ADR centres, organisations or departments which practice arbitration as dispute resolution mechanism.

Section II

Submission of Application Form and Notification of Review Result

Article 7 The Applicant shall submit the Application Form designated by TCIAC as well as the following application materials to TCIAC's email

(1) Electronic copy of valid ID or passport issued by relevant government;

(2) Electronic copy of proof of education degrees;

(3) Electronic copy of proof of certification of working experience in the relating industries which is beneficial for carrying out the duties of arbitrator;

(4) Electronic copy of proof of having been appointed as arbitrator (if any);

(5) Curriculum Vitae (CV) according to TCIAC's format;

(6) Electronic file of colour ID photo, not wearing sunglasses, with no restriction for the colour of the photo background, 3.00 x 4.00 cm. The name of the file shall be the English name of the Applicant.

In order to submit the application via email, the Applicant shall first place his/her electronic signature on the electronic Application Form or place wet-ink signature on the Application Form being printing out and send the scanned copy of the executed Application Form (colour copy or black and white copy are both acceptable) to the email address of TCIAC as designated above.

The language for filling Application Form and Curriculum Vitae (CV) shall be English.

Article 8 TCIAC will send a notification informing the review result to the Applicant via email within 30 days from the date of Applicant's successful submission of the Application.

Section III

Revocation of Arbitrator Status

Article 9 Applicants who has been approved to be TCIAC's arbitrator will remain the arbitrator status in TCIAC's Panelist, except for the following events:

(1) death of the arbitrator;

(2) application by the arbitrator to have the arbitrator status being revoked;

(3) lack of the qualification specified in Article 5 (2) to (9) and Article 6 or having forbidden characteristics according to this Announcement.

Article 10 Secretary General will keep the Panelist at TCIAC and will examine the arbitrators, if the event in Article 9 (3) was found, Secretary General shall report to the President in order to consider the revocation of the arbitrator status from the panelist. Once a decision for revocation has been confirmed, Secretary General shall revoke the arbitrator status of such arbitrator from the panelist.

Publish Date: 17 May 2021

Mr. Shi Datuo

Secretary General

• Download link for Arbitrator Application Form (word and pdf file):

Arbitrator Application Form
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Arbitrator Application Form
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Download link for CV Form (word and pdf file):

CV Form
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CV Form
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The Announcement of Thai - Chinese International Arbitration and Mediation Center(“TCIAC”) No. 1/2022 On TCIAC Panel of Arbitrators By virtue of Thai – Chinese International Arbitration and Mediat